Specialised & complex care

Care1 has skilled support staff who are trained to assess your needs and develop support and therapeutic plans to manage complex care clients to deliver positive outcomes and an improved quality of life.

What is Complex Care?

Complex care is essential for anyone with either a long-term progressive injury or illness. It is a person-centred approach to specialist support provided by qualified medical professionals. If your client needs assistance managing daily activities and symptoms, then complex care is a level of support for you to consider.
Complex care generally requires a level of medical intervention with doctors and nurses experienced in the particular condition. The purpose of complex care in the home setting is to ensure that the needs of the individual are met to enable them to live an independent life.
Some of the conditions that may require complex care include:
Before we provide complex care, we take the time to get to know you, your condition, your symptoms, and how you would like to lead your life.

Working with a Complex Care support plan

Critical to successful outcomes is a complex care support plan that outlines the patient’s health care needs, and includes a diagnosis and prescribed treatment. This plan will detail any information and instructions that carers need to ensure your loved one’s needs are met.
A plan is usually reviewed after six months but can be revisited at any time. Read more about the importance of communication when providing complex care.

The challenges of Complex Care

Complex care, indicated by its very name, is not straightforward. To help you better navigate the world of complex care, it is important to be informed and prepared for the various scenarios that may arise.
Our blog has some great tips and advice on this topic, and we’ve also listed here some of the key challenges patients, loved ones and carers face when it comes to the provision of Complex Care.

Complex Care is a growing requirement

Along with an ageing population in Australia, the number of patients needing complex care in their homes is rising. In line with this, Care1 is committed to ensuring we have trained and professional carers available to meet that demand.

These are vulnerable members of our community who need quality care in order to achieve the best quality of life possible. Our mission is to ensure that every person - no matter the level of care they require - is able to do just that; live a full and fulfilling life to the extent that their condition allows.

At Care1, we devote ourselves to finding the right people to provide care for our clients. But we don’t stop there. We also invest in training and upskilling our team to ensure they have the most up-to-date skills possible while giving them opportunities to advance their careers.

If you have a client or loved one who needs complex care, talk to us, and we can guide you through how we plan and provide the best care possible for all our patients.