Behavioural support

Behaviour support is another complex area of care and there are established guidelines in Australia around the provision of such care. There is a requirement that clients receiving in-home care have a suitable care plan in place, to ensure the support they receive is appropriate, consistent, and reflects the best interests and quality of life of the client.

You Behaviour Support Plan

If you already have a Behaviour Support Plan, our team at Care1 can help you implement that. If you require support to set one up, we can work with you to create a plan that is reflective of the client’s needs, in consultation with:

The Behaviour Support Plan should focus on the person identified as exhibiting complex behaviours of concern and their needs. It must include evidence such as informed strategies that, when implemented, improve the quality of life of the person the plan is designed for.

If you have a client or loved one who needs complex care, talk to us, and we can guide you through how we plan and provide the best care possible for all our clients.