What is funded by the NDIS?

The NDIS funds a range of support for various needs and individuals throughout the community. To determine if the NDIS will fund your requirements, you must apply to them directly by visiting the NDIS website and completing the required steps. The final decision on eligibility is determined by the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency).
Before you go through the lengthy process of applying, here is a list of the categories of support available under the NDIS, as well as what they do not fund. Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and for the latest information you should visit the NDIS website directly.

Types of support the NDIS will fund

There are three primary categories that NDIS services fit into:


For participants who need assistance with daily living activities.

Capacity building

For participants who want to build their independence and skills.


For participants who need to invest in items such as assistive technologies, equipment, home or vehicle modifications.

Types of support the NDIS may fund

These support types are assessed on a case-by-case basis, and include:

Types of support the NDIS will not fund

Additional resources about NDIS support

Here are some links to further information from the Australian Government about what types of support the NDIS program will and will not cover.
If you want to find out more about the NDIS, explore our other pages or contact us. Together we can tailor a solution to meet your unique requirements.