How do I create my NDIS plan?

As with any plan, the purpose is to determine what supports are needed in order to achieve a goal. The purpose of creating an NDIS plan is no different - it is about establishing the level of funding needed, what it is to be spent on, and in which categories.

The more information you supply during your application about what you want to achieve with funding, the better. Generally, a plan will include two long-term goals and five short-term goals. If it is clear what you need and why it makes the decision easier for the NDIS and it means you will be able to access your funding sooner.

Your NDIS Planning Meeting

Everyone who receives funding as part of the NDIS will take part in a planning meeting. This is to understand the different areas of your life, how you are coping, and to ensure the NDIS can provide the right support to help you achieve your goals.
The meeting will be in person or over the phone, and will include information about:

What to prepare for your NDIS Planning Meeting

Before your meeting it is a good idea to think about what a standard week looks like for you, things that are working well, and anything you would like to change. You may also like to write down any questions you’d like to ask and decide who you would like to come to your planning meeting with you.
You should also gather any other information or reports you think would be helpful for the NDIS to understand the impact of your disability and your personal circumstances. This preparation work will ensure you get the most out of your NDIS planning meeting.

Reviewing your plan

Circumstances often change, so a regular check in on your plan is ideal to review goals, current funding and services, and whether any changes are needed. If your support needs are unlikely to change, an extended plan duration of up to three years means you will not need frequent plan reviews in place.

This meeting will be on a date close to the end of your current NDIS plan, and in the lead up to your plan review it’s a good idea to have a think about what has and hasn’t worked well in your current plan, progress you’ve made towards your goals, whether these goals have changed, and what support you will need in the future.

Additional resources about NDIS plan

Here are some links to further information from the Australian Government about NDIS Plans.
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