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Why Finding the Right Care Worker Makes a Big Difference

We understand that making the decision to find a home care worker is a difficult one. It means letting someone into your life and in charge of taking care of a loved one. It is difficult to place your confidence in someone to take care of a loved one which is why finding the right home care worker makes a big difference in giving you a peace of mind as well as providing the client with a best possible experience and support.

When hiring a care worker, what attributes and qualities do you look for?

Yes you look for experience and qualifications so that you know they are able to offer professional support and have the training and knowledge to give assistance. You also want to ensure that they can meet the client’s physical needs and requirements.

However, these are not the only attributes you look for.

You also evaluate their how well matched they will be to your loved one in terms of personality and character. Offering emotional support can be just as important as the physical requirements of the job.

Hiring a care worker who has all the right qualifications, but is distant or not very friendly can create a somewhat cold environment. It also doesn’t help you trust that the care worker make your loved one as comfortable as possible and give you more things to worry about.

This is why finding the right care worker makes a big difference.

A care worker who has experience, is professional, but is also friendly and sensitive to the needs of your loved one will make a huge difference.

It means that you will get a peace of mind knowing that someone that is compassionate and considerate is looking after your loved one, who treats them as a real person as opposed to just another client.

It also means that your loved one will most likely have a better experience if the person who is looking after them is caring and kind. Although they may be in a complex situation, such as suffering from an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) or dementia where they may not be able to understand everything that is happening, they still have feelings and emotions and so it is important that they are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Care1 is a team of professional, yet kind and sensitive workers who provide support to clients throughout NSW and the ACT. We carefully match each care worker to our clients and families to ensure that our clients are fully supported in every way – physically and emotionally.

If you would like to see how we can help you, then please contact us today on 1300 422 731.

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