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How to Make Your Home Wheelchair Accessible

When someone in your home uses a wheelchair, it is important that their living environment is adapted to these specific needs to make their home easily accessible and comfortable.

Here are some tips from our highly trained support workers at Care1 on how to make your home wheelchair accessible.

Build a ramp

It is important that at every house entrance, a ramp is installed to make entering the house simple and easy. A ramp should also feature handrails and a non-slip surface to make sure that it is safe to use.


Wheelchairs can be quite wide, and so manoeuvring through doorways can be difficult if they are too small. This can become quite frustrating for wheelchair users. By widening the doorways or removing doorframes, wheelchair users will be able to move through the house with ease.


A wheelchair accessible house will have timber, tiles or any hard floorboards in order to make moving around easier. In comparison, carpet, rugs and similar floor coverings will make it challenging for wheelchair users to move around as easily.

Safety rails

Safety rails are an essential safety component in helping wheelchair users move in and out their wheelchair. Safety rails will offer extra stability and support to wheelchair users when moving in and out their chair.

A key area in the house that should definitely have safety rails is the bathroom, especially around the toilet and shower or bath. This is because the floors in these rooms are often quite wet and slippery so extra precaution should be taken to prevent any accidents.


Lower the doorknobs in your house so that it is easily accessible for everyone. If the doorknobs are too high, wheelchair users can become frustrated with the inability to easily reach them and move around their own home comfortably.


If there is a staircase in your house, one modification that can really help make your home wheelchair accessible is by installing a stairway lift. A stairway lift eliminates the barrier for wheelchair users to access the upper levels of their home, giving them a sense of independence.

If you would like to see how Care1 disability support can help you, then please contact us today on 1300 422 731.

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