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Finding the workforce to meet the needs of clients

The most common question I am asked when I attend forums, seminars and conferences is: “where do you find your workforce?”

Sadly, it is becoming more and more difficult finding the ‘right’ workforce in a marketplace that has become increasingly more competitive. With the roll out of the NDIS, we not only have an ‘open’ marketplace for participants, but also for employees. People wanting to work in the disability (Healthcare) sector now have unlimited choices when it comes to selecting an employer and they are measuring employers against any number of criteria, including pay, personal development opportunities, support and variety of work.

Retention and engagement

Employers must focus on employee retention and engagement if they are to maintain the consistent and stable workforce that clients expect. Care1 invests in it’s care team by delivering in service training programs including, Acquired Brain Injuries, Spinal Injuries and supporting clients with complex health needs. We have linkages with external service partners (RTO’s) to deliver qualifications such as certificate 4 in Individual Support & Disability Work.

Culture, values and mission

Care1 has never been a provider that ‘settles’ for an applicant. Rather, we attempt to source the workforce to ‘meet the needs’ of our customer base. A workforce that also fits in and understands the culture, values and mission of Care1. We look for candidates that enjoy the type of work we can offer, that is supporting clients with complex healthcare needs; including Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI), Spinal Injuries in their own homes.

Why you should select Care1 as your support provider?

Care1 is now entering it’s 11th year of operation in the healthcare sector. We have developed unique expertise supporting and assisting clients reach their rehabilitation goals and to achieve their personal outcomes. With a focus on supporting individuals with Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI) / Spinal Injuries and complex care needs, Care1 has the right workforce / care team to deliver quality care that our clients expect. We invest in employee retention, training and development so that our clients receive a service that is consistent and sustained.

If you would like to see how we can assist you then please contact us today on 1300 422 731

by Damon Ashton

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